Music of ethiopia songs

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Music of ethiopia songs

Ethiopian music has come a long way from its original traditions of being strictly associated with the Tewadeho Orthodox Church. Scroll down for new Ethiopian music download mp3 Amharic music began to take hold during its "Golden Ages" which came during the 's and 's when a plethora of talented singers and musicians flooded the Ethiopian musical scene.

It was an era when artists had the freedom to explore their talents and express themselves through their music. This soon changed when the revolutionary Derg government took power and forced many of these bright stars to flee the country and migrate to primarily Western countries. Considered only to be a slight speed bump in the evolution and growth of Amharic music, the artists continued to produce and perform their music in their adopted countries, to the delight of their eager audiences.

Tizita songs slow and romanticEthio Soul, Ethio Jazz, etc. The diversity of Ethiopian music has provided audiences with a variety of intriguing styles and cultures. Globally, the music of Ethiopia, be it Amharic or any one of its other languages has been accepted and even awarded in various international competitions. Although, still in its infancy, the music industry of Ethiopia and its numerous talented and bright stars will surely provide worldwide audiences with sounds unparalleled anywhere else.

She grew up in the capital city of Addis Ababa and by the age of 13 began performing in clubs and hotels.

ByAster Awoke would relocate to the United States and continue to perform music in clubs and concerts in Washington DC, which has the largest concentration of Ethiopian Diaspora.

She would go on to be an Ethiopian and African music superstar winning awards on the continent and having a huge audience base from all over the world.

ethiopian music

Tilahun Gessesse was born in Wolliso, Oromia, in and went on to become Ethiopia's musical treasure. He would be nicknamed "the voice" and become one of the most famous singers in the country, during the "golden ages" of Ethiopian music in the 's. Through his recordings, Tilahun rallied the population to raise money for the famine during the 's and was numerously awarded. He passed away inafter returning from the United States and was given a well deserved state funeral with thousands of his loyal fans attending.

Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed, an ethnic Gurage, was born in and fell in love with music at an early age, through music on the radio. Bad at school, he would go on to shine shoes at Emperor Haile Selassie I's favorite after hours spot.

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The chance of a lifetime came to young Mahmoud when one of the band's singers was missing, and he asked to take his place. He managed to keep the job till when he went on to become a hit singer. Through the years, Mahmoud would become an international star, representing Ethiopian music in European, American and African tours. Teddy Afro was born in with the name Tewodros Kassahun.

He would go on to become one of Ethiopia's most influential singers. His first album was released in with the name Abugida, but it was his third album Yasteseryal that used clever lyrics and stylish beats to hide an undertone of political dissent. This album coincided with the political tensions of the time, and he had four songs banned from being heard in public.

He would also be incarcerated for 2 years on a hit-and-run charge, yet this is highly debated. To this day, Teddy Afro continues to produce great albums and still remain controversial. Eyob Mekonnen was born in in Jijiga which is in the Somali region of eastern Ethiopia. He would move to the capital Addis Ababa as a young boy, continuing his pursuit for a musical career. Eyob joined the Zion Band, which was becoming popular in the clubs around Addis Ababa.

The Best Ethiopian Wedding Songs/Music for 2020

ByEyob would release his first album "Ende Kal", which took some time to gain popularity.Modern Ethiopian music has come a long way since its inception during the s. This text provides an overview of popular music in the East African nation. The s were a period of transition. The emergence of these bands resulted in the dissemination of elements of western music among Ethiopians. Of these, the first one was the municipality theatre, which came to be known by the name National Theatre. The person who took a prominent role in the theatrical and musical movement at the theatre was the Armenian national Narses Nalbandian, a naturalized Ethiopian.

Under his tutelage many successful professional emerged.

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In the s and s, Ethio-jazz became more and more popular in Ethiopia. Musicians increasingly began using Western instruments and trying innovative sounds. Brass sections made an entrance into Ethiopian music, making the blend complete. Other instruments such as the violin, saxophone, horn, accordion and guitar were also adopted.

By the s, many of Ethiopia's leading musicians began to emigrate abroad, mainly to the Washington DC in the USA, as a result of the disruption caused by the Ethiopian revolution.

Today, a new generation of Ethio-jazz musicians is making an appearance on the scene. One such band is the Addis Acoustic Projectcurrently led by guitarist Girum Mezmur, which plays instrumental music from the s and s.

As Ethiopia's economy continues to grow, concerts and live bands are becoming ever more prominent. In he released Wuleta favourwhich attained considerable success.

In Abinet released his third album, Astaraky mediator. This album has enjoyed an even bigger success with varied moods and tales.

While some of his works are gentle, simple and ballad-driven, others are sharp and upbeat. Fikeraddis has been in the Ethiopian music scene for more than two decades. It is both soulful and nostalgic. Another rising star is the Washington-based Oromo singer Abdi Nuressa. The year-old singer-songwriter is a breath of fresh air, combining love, politics and empowerment.Ethiopia has a long and at times tormented history.

The music of Ethiopia is a reflection of all the historical and social episodes, such as the military campaigns that various warlords or chiefs had to launch. The music is about war as well as patriotism, songs of victory, songs that incite support for a certain crusade. The music is also about love, with wonderful melodies and poetic lyrics. The spirituality of Ethiopians is expressed in the form of music. All these types of tunes and melodies are prepared and performed using various traditional instruments.

Ethiopian traditional music is best expressed with its musical instruments, besides the contribution of the renowned vocalists. The most characteristic and widely used instruments are the masinkothe krarthe washintthe begenathe keberoand the tom-tom.

The masinko as it is a kind of fiddle made from the tail of horses and a piece of hide. People in the Ethiopian highland areas learn to play the masinko at a very early age, particularly in the north around Gondar. Among the greatest masinko specialists in Ethiopia was Getamessay Abebe, who used to be a leading member of the Ethiopian Orchestra [i]a traditional musical group founded in Although it looks simple, the masinko can, in the hands of an expert musician, produce a wide variety of melodies.

It is often played by wandering minstrels, as well as professional musicians, particularly at restaurants and local bars called 'Bunna Bet'. A conversation about the krar cannot come to an end without mentioning the name of Kassa Tessema. The begena [iv] or Ethiopian harp is an instrument mostly used for spiritual purposes. Spiritual hymns are mainly heard during fasting periods for Orthodox Christians when people express their devotion to God.

The bamboo flute usually has four to six holes. Ethiopian youth learn to play this instrument at a very early age.

music of ethiopia songs

Yohannes Afework, a member of the famous Orchestra Ethiopia of the s, and Animut Kinde are among the most popular players of this instrument. The drum enriches most songs, which would be not as interesting to listen to without the drum beat.

The double-headed kebero drum is also used in the traditional music of Eritrea and Sudan. A piece of animal hide is stretched over each end of the instrument, thus forming a membranophone. A large version of the kebero is also used in Ethiopian Orthodox Christian liturgical music, while smaller versions are used in secular celebrations.When you talk about Ethiopian wedding music, the following are the people who have given us its true meaning. Finding the right Ethiopian wedding songs for your celebration can prove to be a daunting task.

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Since your wedding is a precious moment in time that you shall cherish for as long as you live, we believe we have found some of the best Ethiopian wedding songs to satisfy your soul. Transmitting love through music is the hallmark of a truly great artist. We truly hope the following songs that are perfect for an Ethiopian wedding shall help you commemorate that special moment in your life. Mushirit Mushira by Tsegaye Eshetu Brought to us inthis is a relatively new song by Tsegaye Eshetu which was lauded for creating the perfect wedding atmosphere.

50 of the Best Old & New Amharic Music: Songs and Singers

Amen by Amen and Kidus This lovely Ethiopian wedding song has a modern city feel to it and has been appreciated by many. Ethiopian Wedding Songs Collection Vol. Yegnama Mushera by Tadese Mekete This is a great track if you are looking for a lively Ethiopian wedding song. Mushraw Mta by Solomon Gashabe This well-liked wedding song of Ethiopia first came on the scene and its exciting rhythm is a mainstay at most Ethiopian weddings.

Firew Yamare Zer by Elias Solomon ft. Micky Gonderegna This modern Ethiopian wedding songs collection is rather short but packs a punch that has caused it to be loved by many. Yibel Mewsbo by Filmon Bekele A lovely Tigrigna wedding song that was no doubt produced with love making it perfect addition for your Ethiopian wedding. Amrobetal by Emebet Yeshibelay This wonderful wedding song of Ethiopia is oddly enough found in the volume 4 Instrumental album called Ambassel Tewesta, even though this wedding song has vocals.

Nevertheless, this lovely song is a good as it is popular at Ethiopian weddings. Full Name:. Email Address:. Best Insurance Companies in Ethiopia for Lawyers in Ethiopia. Best Banks in Ethiopia for Related Post. Must Know.The rich culture in Ethiopia has greatly influenced its music as each song has this soulful vibe and patriotic traditional harmony.

In a country that has gone through a whole lot of hardships of war and torment, it is not surprising that such profound events impacted their great culture and musicality. Music is indeed a creative way to self expression. Traditional music helps form the foundation of Ethiopian culture and tradition.

Because some of the interesting Ethiopian music are in local dialect, not everyone can understand the words, it is expressive and soulful and shows how much they truly love music. Their music not only bespeaks about love between two people, but also endless love for country that is yearning for freedom and the simple life.

Today, Ethiopian music has evolved and gotten better over the years as Ethiopian songs make their way into the international music industry; propelled by music videos and use of modern synthesizers.

Here are 20 Ethiopian music you should definitely listen to:.

music of ethiopia songs

It is a modern song that talks about a man longing for love and misses his partner who has chosen to work abroad. It is a relaxing music that holds deeper meaning and is greatly sentimental. A feel-good hip hop dance hit featuring a new form of Ethiopian musicality and talent. The music and video shows how the artiste has expressed the influence of hip hop culture that is mostly identified with the west.

It is one of the latest musical vibes that surfaces from the modern generation of artists in Ethiopian music. It is a beautiful music from a fashion model and beauty queen with a song that resonates the fusion of new music and tradition as how the younger generation views it. It is a modern song that focuses on Habesha hip hop music but still carries the great Amharic traditional influence. It is one of the interesting Ethiopian music one can listen to.

It is the perfect example of what Hadiya music is. The girl group which is lead by Bethelehem Belete showed the world what traditional music and singing is all about.

It is an awesome new song with the familiar cool beat associated with Ethiopian music. It mostly addresses the younger audience because of its upbeat tempo and sleek music video. An ideal example of how the Ethiopian sound has come to be. The video projects various unique dance moves with dancers in purple and white against a yellow background.

It highlights the great love of Ethiopians for party and self expression. It greatly shows their fondness and love for the good and sweet life. A song from but remains evergreen. It is a modern and awesome dance music that evokes their sense of fun. Sang in English and has an upbeat cool tempo with traces of traditional tunes in the background. TilaHun Gessese is a late contemporary music artiste who has always shown his patriotism in most of the songs he sang. It is a great song that comes from a modern music artist that features a new groove and pop music appeal.

Yageren Libs Lebishe is one of the coolest ethiopian songs you can listen to. It is a deeply harmonious and meaningful song that shows their passion and dedication to how humanity can help change the world. This song is a call to humanity especially concerning our role to make the world and our community a better place. It shows how much they love life and how each one must hold on close to all their hopes and dreams.

It is a meaningful song that expresses the pain of separation and loneliness. This is an Eritrean traditional music that is more popularly sung in Arabic with a cool and relaxing upbeat tempo.

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It is one of the songs that is most enjoyable in a relaxing atmosphere. It is another hip song with great influence of modern pop music and western culture as it is one of the newest songs released this year. This Ethiopian music is a beautifully sung piece with fabulous dance accompanying it. It is traditional music that is simply powerful and interesting. A patriotic song with so much emotion and emphasis on love for their motherland.The Complete Geffen Recordings.

God Bless Africa. The Pride and the Disgrace. Til I'm Laid to Rest. Can't Cool Can't Quench. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Black Starliner Must Come. Get Up, Stand Up. These Are the Days. Revelation, Pt. Yell Fire! New Music Chart Releases. Conscious Entertainer. Far Away From Jah. The Complete Recordings. Get promoted. In Lyrics. By Artist. By Album. Decade 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's. Best matches: Ethiopia.

music of ethiopia songs

I'm with You [Lim…. Red Hot Chili Pep…. The Beginning of …. Radio Ethiopia. Royal Son of Ethiop…. Lyrics: Ethiopia Joni Mitchell. Ethiopia Joni Mitchell. Break Free Sizzla. God Bless Africa Alpha Blondy.Ethiopian music uses a distinct modal system that is pentatonicwith characteristically long intervals between some notes. The music of the Ethiopian Highlands uses a fundamental modal system called qenetof which there are four main modes: tezetabatiambasseland anchihoy.

Music in the Ethiopian highlands is generally monophonic or heterophonic. Dorze polyphonic singing edho may employ up to five parts; Majangirfour parts. In the highlands, traditional string instruments include the masenqo also known as masinkoa one-string bowed lute ; the krar also known as kirara six-string lyre ; and the begenaa large ten-string lyre. The washint is a bamboo flute that is common in the highlands.

It has 6 holes. In the Ethiopian Orthodox Churchliturgical music employs the senasela sistrum.

Best Ethiopian Music You Shouldn’t Miss: Old & New, Traditional or Instrumental

They are made from stone slabs or pieces of wood. The kebero is a large hand drum used in the Orthodox Christian liturgy. Some Ethiopian religious music has an ancient Christian element, traced to Yaredwho lived during the reign of Gabra Masqal. In northeastern Ethiopia, in Wolloa Muslim musical form called manzuma developed.

Sung in Amharicmanzuma has spread to Harar and Jimmawhere it is now sung in the Oromo language. In the Ethiopian Highlandstraditional secular music is played by mostly itinerant musicians called azmariswho are regarded with respect in Ethiopian society. Ethiopia is a musically traditional country.

Of course, popular music is played, recorded and listened to, but most musicians also sing traditional songs, and most audiences choose to listen to both popular and traditional styles.

A long-standing popular musical tradition in Ethiopia was that of brass bandsimported from Jerusalem in the form of forty Armenian orphans Arba Lijoch during the reign of Haile Selassie.

music of ethiopia songs

This band, which arrived in Addis Ababa on September 6,became the first official orchestra of Ethiopia. Perhaps the most influential musician of the period, however, was Ethio-jazz innovator Mulatu Astatke. During the s, the Derg controlled Ethiopia, and emigration became almost impossible.

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Currently the most prominent Ethiopian singer internationally is Gigi. Through her performing with prominent jazz musicians such as Bill Laswell who is also her husband and Herbie HancockGigi has brought Ethiopian music to popular attention, especially in the United States, where she now lives.

Another noteworthy singer is Neway Debebewho was very popular among the youth of the s and early s with such songs as "Yetekemt Abeba," "Metekatun Ateye," "Safsaf," and "Gedam" - among others. Abatte Barihun has exemplified all four main qenets on his album Ras Deshen. New genres of music, popular in western countries, such as EDM, rock and hip hop have been introduced in recent years. Musical acts like Jano Band play a new style of music dubbed "Ethio-rock", a mix of Ethiopian music and rock music.

The Earliest and most influential rappers of Ethiopian hip hop were Teddy Yo and Lij Michael, with the latter being more commercially successful. In a young artist named Rophnan has introduced the country to its own version of electronic dance music winning the album of the year award and changing the mainstream music scene further more. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section does not cite any sources.


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